Consultancy & Training Services

Events Consultancy

With over thirty years’ experience of creating amazing dinners, let me research themes for you and work with your chefs and front of house staff to plan beautiful, immersive experiences.

Themes might be historical, geographical or based on film, music and literature.

“Our favourite was the 1936 dinner. […] I enjoyed the parlour games: such a change from poor conversation and phone use!”

“I have never attended such an elegant dinner, with so much care and thought going into every aspect. […] As outstanding the food and drink were, I think I was most impressed with the atmosphere and ‘theatre’ of the evening.”

“I really enjoyed the Spanish dinner. […] There was a choice of different dishes on the table at the same time, thus prompting conversation between the guests. I enjoyed Cristina’s poetry reading in Spanish.”

cooking 12 - freelance hospitality consultant

Staff Training

Whether it’s classic cocktails or fine wines, I will tailor training to the needs of your staff, focusing on your drinks list and your menu.

While many “off the peg” wine courses briefly mention food and wine matching, I can delve in depth into your dishes, so that waiting staff can make recommendations based on how your wines can really make those dishes shine. For cocktail training, I will always focus on fresh ingredients and great, basic technique, so that your bar staff can confidently respond to seasonal changes, new trends and customer requests.

“Mystery Shopper” Reports

Let me visit your bar, café or restaurant and give considered, constructive feedback on the strengths, the things you need to celebrate and the areas you might consider developing.

“No detail is ever overlooked or forgotten. An incredibly passionate food and drink professional who is knowledgeable and engaging in equal measure.”

HR Director

“Paul has an incredible palate and a gift for pairing food and wine. […] His lovely personality makes him a joy to work with.”

Vineyard Owner

Consultant Sommelier

Many private dining chefs are unable to provide wines to pair with their dishes, and clients may not have the inclination to do the work themselves.

I can work with you to identify and source stunning drinks pairings at an appropriate price.

This can extend to aperitif and digestif drinks, alcohol-free and cocktail parties, too.

Presenting & Writing

I’m always happy to present videos and events for you. Perhaps you need a compere for your pop-up or special event, someone who can entertain and inform your customers with warmth and accurate knowledge. Perhaps your drinks brand is looking for a ‘face’ for cocktail demonstration videos. 

See examples of my presenting on my YouTube channel.

“Paul is an engaging and knowledgeable food writer, a charming host and accomplished presenter. Since he started writing for the magazine, our readership figures have increased. Paul’s column is one of the most popular articles in the magazine and is eagerly anticipated by our readers.”

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Individual Cocktail Tutorials

How do you move from being a home cocktail-maker with a limited repertoire to a confident home-mixologist?

Let me share my knowledge and expertise with you. I like to focus on technique as the foundation of good cocktail-making.

Once you understand the effects and limitations of different processes, you can turn your hand easily to both classic and modern cocktails, create your own drinks or play riffs on existing recipes, to surprise and delight your family and guests. 

Tutorials are also available as gift certificates, for a very special present.

Please get in touch to discuss group classes and private events.


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